10-4 by 23 by 3 3/4…24 pounds

for tiny to head high  point breaks

@ 24 pounds I can get it down the trail to Rincon w/out help…my Hawaii Simmons @ 34 pounds limits the carry distance…

Pretty cool.  

My youngest son has an 8-4 Simmons and he has no problem getting his waves even when surfing amongst the 10fters.  Massive amounts of surface area.   What you’ve got there is getting up into the trim board category - smallest ripple at high tide.  

lovely looking board - could we have some more photos please?


Paul has some great stuff up his sleeve.

Hey Roger,

 Nice board!!! You should consider placing some futures sup handles on those boards. I call them trekk handles for those offended by the term SUP. No shame in practicality.



How many fins or should I say how many fin boxes? 

I had them put the box 4 inches back from tail.  A normal fin in the Oahu board, with the box at 6 inches, left it tracking too straight. The solution was the GG stage 6. I use sizes from 7.25 through 9.75…depending on tide and size of waves.

This one worked good…but the stage 6’s worked best.

Aloha Charlie,

I am bringing the boards back to the glasser today to have the fin boxes glassed over. I think I will talk to him about the Trekk handle.

May also add one on the Oahu board. You know how cumbersome that Oahu one is !!

I remember a huge board that Paul Gross made for Pezzman back in the early 90’s. Paul had fashioned a handle into the deck that worked nicely.

Kinda miss the Ewa neighborhood…still play at Haubush on occasion. 

cheers, roger

Very nice. I like the single fin. I made a 10 foot Simmons last year for a friend but it had 2 keel fins. I tried to copy one of Bob Simmons boards but with a little more rocker and no concave in the tail. I have made a few mini simmons with 2 keel fins but on the big board something did not feel right. Maybe it was my design or maybe a single fin would be better control. Your board makes me want to make another one. I have a 8 foot piece of xps spare. What rocker measurements did you use?

Lovely. Ever tried a twin?

This 8-4 was made as a twinny and I had a middle fin box added…It works good both ways and I change it up often…like riding two completely different boards.

On all of these there is no concave and very low tail rocker…and just enough entry rocker…look at side view photo. 

I believe the rocker measurement(on the new 10-4) at the one foot mark on the tail is 1 1/8 inches and @ the one foot on the nose is 2 3/4

All of these boards are born of a collaboration between Paul Gross and Spencer Kellogg and those who have influenced them!!

Got the dust off the 8-4 with the twin set up…

Baja rap from recent WNW almost Eddy swell