Memorial Day Weekend

Hero Friend Steve

Army Corporal Stephen McGowan

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Bobbie McGowan says her son Stephen is a hero who wanted to help the Iraqis experience freedom.

Bobbie McGowan: “I think he wanted to take the best of what makes us Americans into Iraq and help them have some of those wonderful qualities in their lives.”

One way the soldier from Newark tried to do that was by bringing a little joy to the lives of Iraqi children.

Bobbie McGowan: “There’s a picture of Stephen kneeling down on one knee as he’s giving Beanie Babies to two little children. I think that he had a real concern for their future, just as he would have a concern for our children.”

Army Corporal Stephen McGowan died March 4th, 2005, when his vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device.

Bobbie McGowan: “He was a very special person, he had a great sense of humor, he had a wonderful smile, he loved playing rugby, he just loved life. I think the only reason that I’m not dressing in black and hiding in a corner is I knew that could not be his legacy. He loved this country, he loved being a soldier, he loved being a medic. He loved life and he enjoyed his life so much and I knew that I wanted in any way that I could to let his light continue to shine.”

Thanks for posting that E pac. My buddy is home for the next two weeks. We’re having a surprise party for him Sunday. Wish he didn’t have to go back. He’s there for the same reason. He wanted to go. 45 years old with wife and two children. Mike