Michael Peterson's Funeral


Dick Hoole is assisting MP’s mum Joan in raising funds for the funeral. Dicky has been a close Peterson family friend for many years. These fund raisers can often be questionable…but with Dick’s involvement, I am sure it will be all good


Dick and “Gidget” Kathy Kohner 2009 Oahu Surf Auction


good on you Barry Hoole !


  A really nice guy , first met him when I worked at kodak , the same year he and jack were doing 'Storm Riders'.. he'd always stop , show me his latest amaaaazing slides , and have a chat ... it always made my day  , when he came in the store !


I hope the money comes together ...funerals are such expensive things ...


 ( just strap me to my mal , and push me towards rottnest , when I'm done [the sharks will take care of the rest ...] )