Micro Simmons Build Thread

Is the turning more of a rail to rail or more of a pivot off the tail? Sweel board.

Off the top of my head I’d say more of a pivot turn. Once we get a decent swell, or at least something in the 3 ft range, I’ll get a better idea.
I do know the first day I had it out it was head high and rather than pulling into the high line of the wave I was going to do a bottom turn and the board held the straight line instead of a drawn out turn.
Definitely me getting used to the board and as weird as it sounds proper foot position.

is there guidance on where to put the tab when using 4wfs in conjunction with such a wide base fin?

it loos like you have them forward and not centered.

I just marked out where I wanted the fins and the fin tabs, installed pods, and made the fins accordingly.
One mistake I did make though is that I was under the impression that the tabs were able to be spun in a full 360 degrees, which is not the case. My install left me without the ability to toe in, and only toe out capability. Haha worthless. I just keep em at 0 degrees. Less variables to confuse me I guess…

Sorry didn’t even answer your question. No guide to place tabs. I looked on their site and their “keel” had the tab on the 1st third of the fin so I put in forward on the fin. Hopefully I didn’t put it too far forward. From what I remember I put it under the thickest part of the foil for strength reasons.

My Boys, my Groms, my Kids… My surf buddy KD., Stoked on building surfboards…
KD did not ask me how to build a surfboard… The kid shaped and glassed a few on his own…
And then he started asking questions… This kid rocks! Help him out… He’s a good surfer too…

Thanks Ray!
Every time I think I got this glassing thing down, and every time I get very humbled. Need to go back to Stingray 101. Haha. See you out in the water muchacho!!!