Mini-Simmons design elements?

Hi Guys,  Can you help me identify the design characteristics of a Mini-Simmons?  I know they have a step deck.  What about the :

  • Rail shape at the nose, middle and tail?
  • Bottom contours at the nose, middle and tail (Belly under the nose?)
  • Would the bottom contours be different if I go with 4 boxes instead of 2?
  • Overall profile - parralell rails?

I haven't had an opportunity to see a Mini-Simmons in person nevermind an original Joe Baugauss (sp?)




Have you seen this yet?

Thanks - that link is helpful.  Anyone else have any feedback on specific design elements of the Mini-Simmons?  Thanks.

search on this site, its full of info on mini-sims...or check out the great thread called " bars of soap" its full of great pics and info...awesome little boards