mixing yellow tint and white opaque?

  1. does it work to get a foggy yellow?
  2. can I mix the two colours first before adding to resin? my idea was to mix enough of the two colours to do top and bottom and get the same shade.
  3. any other thoughts on mixing tints with opaque pigments?
I am using the little cans of pigment and tint sold at Foam EZ. 

experment with little cups with 1/2 oz resin and little daps of tint

use lots of stir sticks, change them regularly.

do test swatches

when you get in the ballpark

try a full double batch useing the same ratio of tints

then split the batch after you get your color,,, (half for top and half for bottom)

thansk Ken. that is what I was looking for. I wasn’t sure if I needed to mix the tints with resin or not. you have answered my question.