Modern twin-fins

What makes a modern twinnie? The rails? Rocker?

what about bottom contours?

asking cause my first shortboard was a twinnie, and i’m interested again.

…the main change in contemporary boards is the rocker, then the rails and the other stuff

I did several modern shapes with different combos

single in lines, twin fins, twins with small rear boomerang stabilizer; bonzers, quads

all thinking in todays performance not with retro in mind

the way the rocker is blended has changed definetly. the foil is way different too. I mean those old boards are still fun and you can always get a retro.

Anyone got any of their own to show?

This one came in for repair today…

It’s a “TWINFINNER”. 6’0"x 19 1/2" x 2 5/8. Glass on side fins, very small center fin. When I first looked at it I saw Vee through the tail. Well… it’s Vee with double concave…The side fins are more than 6 degrees. Thickness is full. Not much dome in the deck.

Duckdive came by today ,he says it looks like a fun board…Too small for this old guy…

Have fun


…when you take cant measures, you need to think in an horizontal line

not in the bottom shape…

thanks for the photos, the board looks slightly more modern, but at 2 5/8 thick, that still seems like alot of board. there’s even alot of thickness thru the nose.

can anyone write a little summary or scan a copy of the rasta article? what were the dims he was riding?

it is a scaled up version of my friends MTF. His was a 5’10" 2 3/8" 19"

Hi Reverb ,

You are right!

"…when you take cant measures, you need to think in an horizontal line

not in the bottom shape… " I made little blocks like the one you see in the photo. 1 degree through 6 degree. When I get a fin to repair I just set my blocks next to the good fin and see what fits. In this case the fin leans out really far so I get my handy angle tool. I think it’s called a sliding T bevel. With that tool I can transfer the angle to the other side no matter what bottom contour. I really do not Know what angle this board uses but the fins lean out really far… …And that could start all kinds of discussion… Have a great day Ray