modific resin

I have a little question. In Spain is dificult to find resine made to build boards… it´s possible but is more expensive. so i know a man how sells me cheap resine but is a resin to build boats. The only diference i watch is the viscousity so i´m thinking of using styrene to decrease the viscousity. What do you know about this, i´m a little lost. I don´t know if using a resine desinged to build surfboards is really interesting. You know what I mean?

Sorry if you do not understand this… is a hard thing to ask

a friend of mine used boat resin for some repair on his surfboard and it was VERY yellow…i would not use boat resin.

I don’t think anyone really knows, as there are over 5 different brands of boatbuilding resins, some claiming to be superclear, some red as red tint (OK Brown).

I have used at least 3 different brands for repairing deck cracks, fractured hatchcovers, and for reinforcing mast mounts, and they seem slightly more brittle than “surfboard” resin, but work fine.

I’d use it, at least for a few boards, before deciding for myself whether to import some pure surfboard resin.

Just don’t make a clear board, light colors, or white.

Since it’s been used in kayak building, boat building, and other marine purposes, it should at least work.

the color of the resine that guy sells me is O.K My last boar is made with that resine, you can check it out on The transparence is okay. But man! here the boat resine is so cheap, SO CHEAP! and it works okay. I´d only need less viscousity to saturate the laps well. Know what I mean?

Yea leedd if it works on kayaks why not on surfboards! brittle? Mine i think don´t.

This is the first time i’m using “surfboard” resine. But by now I think boat resine and surf resine are similar… but here firts one is easier to buy.

…if dont have access to sboards resin, use the ^general purpose^ resin with uv inhibitor , acelerator and promoter in…is somewhat clear to amber cause the uv filter…resana reichold 10 203. or t 208 without filter…

what you’re asking is for advice on thinning out a more viscous resin than you get when you pay big bucks for “surfboard building resin”.

i buy my stuff premixed, so i am not going to offer an opinion on what to use to thin laminating resin.

but i hope that some of the guys who are really laminators/glassers, who post on here will give some info on how to thin out a thicker resin.

in any event, i’d suggest you do some small test batches to make sure it’s all good.

Chemically, styrene.

Heat to thin, cold to thicken.