modified egg rocker questions

I shaped a 6'2" x 18 11/16" and did not like the blank rocker at all. I was looking to get 5 1/4" in the nose and 2 1/2" in the tail but ended up with 2" in the tail and 4" in the nose.

I kinda knew from the start that the blank wasnt right for the template but i decided to go ahead with it anyway because i can be pretty stubborn and stupid at times.  I am really not liking it and now im thinking to salvage this I am going to make it a 5' 8" eggish template. leave the same thickness and witdth but cut a pintail and round out the nose.

If i do this though, the entry rocker is going to get really low.  it would just be a goofy little board that i would mess around with.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

Four inch nose, and two inch tail rocker, sound fine to me.      Go with it as is, you may get a pleasant surprise.

Bill - that was my thinking too.  But my opinion ain't worth a whole lot, even to me LOL!  I do think the board will work just fine with that rocker. 

BTW - side note to SCboy - I guess I'll wait until your next trip to Tejon to transfer the board, looks like I'm gonna have a hard time getting away for a drive south from Santa Monica.  Just let me know, and I can drive it to Tejon when you're there.  Thanks.

send it to me 4" and 2" on a 6'2" sounds really good. i'm with Bill and Huck.

rocker is overrated... haven't you heard? the '90's are over. ha ha

but... if you are going to cut it, what about cutting some off the tail as well as the nose?

the new plan is to paint it really nice and send it in to the glasser. if i surf it and dont like it it will become a wallhanger.

chris: my egg plan would take about 2 inches off the tail and 4 inches from the nose and round all the curves out. but i think it isnt worth the effort