more painting....

ok…herb,i saw the liquitex paints you were talking about. so you take regular painter’s acrylic and mix it with another medium, then spray as normal. i didn’t think the tubed stuff would work. do you mix with clear acrylic, or water? this is still new to me…thanks guys

…Water will do just fine for now,about the consistancy of thick cream. …Basics are a beginner’s acrylic and is easier to mix(alittle cheaper by volume)and is a great airbrush paint.Herb

oh yeah,mix it in a plastic drink bottle,and strain it!Herb

what’s the next step after using water to thin, what’s the best way?

…SEE ABOVE POST:test the paint on something first before applying it to your finished blank if it runs,it’s too thin.Herb

thanks herb, but i meant for thinning the paint, what’s the best way after? water

…yup,or small amounts ,and I mean small amounts of alcohol.Herb