my deepest respect ....

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so , here , now…check THESE people out !

They are all WORTHY of the term “legends” , in my books … surfers.html

a new documentary movie about Woody’s life will be showing here in Hawaii soon if not already.

One of the most classic stories’ in all of surfing lore.

And one of the most classic surfer/watermen of all time.

The guy gave up inheriting a muli-million dollar wallstreet firm for the beaches of Hawaii.

Can’t get anymore “hawaiian” than woody…

You don’t need the blood you need the heart to be one…

Gotta agree, Woody’s got a big heart. Think I saw something about him voluteering at a hospice, (surfing for life, or Hawaiian Moving Co.) how’s that, here’s this old guy, probably older than some of the people he’s helping. You can hear in his voice, his love for all. Say’s a lot about the health benefits of the ocean lifestyle. Woody is fantastic example for mankind.

chipfish61–i’m getting to those pic’s of the B. Hamilton…

cheers !

I hope that movie is released on dvd , and also makes it to the big screen here in Australia …

a MUST see , for everyone who surfs , in my opinion.


amen ben. my kind of surf film. these men & women are the real heroes of our sport. i hope i’m like them when i grow up. god willing.

"when i grow up. god willing.’

grow up ??

stop it , you’re scaring me , Nat !

I hope i’m done growing up, now, if I can just stop growing “out”…