My first custom order. Build #6

My buddy asked me for a board a I told him sure, I need the experience.We both really like the teardrop egg in the arrow shop in Santa Cruz but can’t afford it.This is my attempt at it. I only charged him for the artic blank,cloth,fin box,leash cup for $130. I would supply the epoxy resin since I had a gallon and half.No skil 100 planner,just sanding blocks,sanding pads,shoots even a weight.Glasssed by me and free lapped it. I got a little carried away with how much color in the mix. Anyways this one is for Nick.I used 2 different templates off blending curves. A egg nose and longboard tail,they meet perfect in the middle believe it or not. We took it out on Tuesday and he was stoked!! Floated like a mofo ,he snagged a few nice ones too.  7’ x 21.5" x 2.75" 


Well done , good effort for #6 , I like that you went with a single fin .

thanks man, all my boards go single fin.I think I read nothing is faster then a single fin:) 


i liked the color until i saw the bottom hahaha =)

fun looking board!

that’s what it’s all about!