My First Glass Job - Picture

7’2" bigfish x 15N +x 22W x 15.5 x 2 7/8 x Swallow Tail (6-4oz top and 6oz bottom - ‘S’ Glass and RR Epoxy Fast Hardener + Additive F)

Tonight I laminated my first surfboard . It was much easier that I had imagined. I guess I’ve spent too much time reading posts and different opinions about what and how to do it. I think at some point you need to just stop researching and give it a try. Now some of the posts are making sense

All this was done in my basement. My wife is out of town so I figured I would take advantage with the climate controled room.Thanks for all of the input everyone.

I think it’s going to turn out real nice.


Looks pretty good. With alot of these processes, you just need to get it down in your head and then just do it. Deal with the problems as they come. Even if you screw up a little, your still learning and anything is rideable with enough resin on it.

I’m stoked for you.


Looks real nice. Is the board laminated top and bottom in that photo?

Top and bottom.

I’m going to work on the center fin box tonight. I have a 8.5" center box and Future setup for the outside. It should be interesting.

Wish me luck.


Nice! Looks like things went well…


looks good Kik. Did you make the blank? ESP? Clark ? Walker? Other?


Nice job. I am about to do my first glass job. Did you use UV resin?


You guys want details? Ok.

It’s a Clark Blank shaped with a hand plane, surfoam, and sand paper. I used hand tools because I really wanted to feel the foam taking shape my first try at making a surfboard. :wink: You believe that? Sounds good though.

The next 2 boards are going to be 2lbs EPS from a block of foam I picked up at the local plastic supplier.

I used RR epoxy with Additive F over ‘S’ Glass (6x4oz on top and 6oz on bottom). Very happy with the way it worked out. I used the fast hardener and didn’t feel too rushed with it although I really need to work on gettin’ the laps with more epxoy.

Like I said I’m going to try and do the finsystem tonight.


Another Picture for you guys. Haha.