My first surfboard

Hello everyone,

I go to a high school where we are required to do a senior project. For my project I decided to build a surfboard. This is the first surfboard I have ever built, and I have to say it was a fun (yet sometimes frusturating) project. It is a 6’3" twin fish and is 22" wide with a 3.5" nose rocker and 1.5" tail rocker. In case you were wondering yes I did spray paint the board because I was originally going to make the board just plain white, but I got bored of it rather quickly. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

nice job, good effort. Gonna be a dog if you don’t fix those fins though.

I wish that was an option for a senior project when I was in school. Are you hooked yet?

looks good, congratulations!  there will never ever be another “first board you built” so hang onto that one!