my latest project

Hey gang,

Thought I’d give an update…Sadly, the wooden fins I’m making for the proboxes are still in progress. Once they’re done I’ll hit the resources.

This is board #2. 6’1" x 21.5" x 2.4". Concave deck for my chest and to keep duck diving easy. Came together much nicer than the first one, from which I will spare you the pictures as it is currently in surgery due to an amateur core glue-up and resulting delam. Rails are pretty full; 60/40 tapering until just in front of the fins where they go quite hard. Bottom is a single->double->vee off the pins. Acrylic pinlines on the hotcoat.

Tried some really crazy pigmenting with this one. I make my own pigments for epoxy using artist quality dry pigments ( and grinding them into the resin with a mortar and pestle and a touch of toluene or xylene. It’s pretty labour intensive, but worth the extra effort as you get much better loading and you can be certain that the resin you’re using will be compatible with the stuff you’re lamming with.

For this particular board, it was my first gloss coat too…which you can see hasn’t been sanded…but I’m going to surf it as is anyways…it’s pretty damn shiny. I added a moderate amount of the interference green and pearlescent gold to the gloss coat; the effects are pretty striking as you can see. Looks like a pimp-daddy paint job on a Mexican Low-Rider. Should add; board lammed and hotcoated with RR, glossed with EX-74 for optical clarity and for whatever reason, this stuff doesn’t pinhole/fisheye like the RR without Additive F does; super easy to gloss with. I’m going to test if it gets hard enough for hotcoats on the next board.

Enjoy! Thoughts, comments, criticisms welcome.

Great work GWN!!!

I love the pearlescent effect, too bad you’ve got to wax it. I never sand my gloss coat either, I’d hate to wreck the shine.

Let us know how it rides, you should be very pleased with yourself…


Number 2! Gives me hope :wink:

Bbbbaaaabbbyy, that’s one sexxy finish!!

I’m gonna go lay down now.


I dig the low pressure systems spinning away. Mike

Grinding up your own pigment !!!

Guess we are really spoiled here in So.Cal.