my lighting sucks!! please help!!!

my lighting sucks! it doesnt really cast good shadows, it basically does nothing! whats the basic measurement for lighting? how high above the top of shaping racks? how far does the wood above the lights overhang to cast the light correctly? please help, any suggestion is really appreciated!!!    thanks

Before everyone throws out extensive advice on what to buy and what not.

What do you presently have?


There are plenty of threads on minimal lighting setups.

‘shaping lights’

I’ve adjusted my lights and shaping racks a few times due to my bay being wider than before after moving.Also I think your height may have a bit to do with it,I dont think there is a real standard for the height,you just have to keep dikin with it until it works for you.My bay is only 8’ wide so my shelves are like 10".I have my lights set low enough to when I stand in the center of the room I cant see the bulbs.I also have each side of the bay on separate switches.I think my shaping rack is about 5" below my lights and it works ok for me.

Jesus, you got it, there is no standard for everyone, I go in some other shapers rooms and can’t believe what dungeons they are and they may think mine is all screwy too.

I started with shaping racks that I really liked the height one and put my pair of 12’ of lights on a pair of 1x4’s angled slightly outwards from center.

With a blank on the rack and the lights on, I slowly spread the bases of the 1x4’s apart, lowering them until the light was what I was looking for.

You have to flip the blank top to bottom to find that happy medium on what will illuminate the most of each side, that’s how I did it




you dont want to know how I do my lights

caveman style


works for me

Like JimtheG says it is to your needs. I put a blank on the racks and held the light to the side and raised or lowered until I got the best effect. I also have three four bulb flourescent 2x4 fixtures directly above, I want a lot of lighting while laying out.