My new shaperoom & first board getting out

Even if that does not sound that intersting to you (as I’m not an active member but an active lurker of you BBoard) but I’m about to move to a new house.

That will be the first one we buy…

And I have a proper shaperoom in that new house in wich I made an horizontal floor and cupboards allaround. I also put some lights on both sides, fluo tubes and UV tubes to cure uv resin.

I just inaugurated the shaperoom during the week end but I didn’t even move in the house. :grin:

Well, the purpose of the shaping week end was to create a 6’0" x 21" x 2"1/2 egg.

A friend of mine who once tried to shape an 8 footer wanted me to coach him as he really messed up with his first try.

The part he was the most afraid of was to laminate the board.

So, I helped him with shaping (I did the trickiest parts such as rails and concave under the nose) and did all the lamination.

The board looks good and will probably be fun to ride.

Rails are just a bit boxy, the deck is almost a flat deck, ther is a spoon under the nose and a slight V under the tail.


Drawing the outline:

The outlined blank (the blank may look strange to you… it’s not a clark but a surfoam, french made… there are not as many choices so, if you want a short and wide board, you have to pick a longer blank, not a 6’2"C… too bad… but really cheaper):

Ready to go:

The nose’s spoon:

The finished blank:

Lamination in process:

Putting the logo on:

Railing (I hate doing that :cussing: ):

Fin box:

The rocker:

Now, the board has just to be sanded, glossed and surfed.

thanks a lot for posting ‘the sequence’ , Lob !

that looks like a good setup you’ve got there…

keep the good boards coming eh ?

au revoir monsieur !

 ben  ["chip''] 

p.s. - whatever happened to THIS ‘avatar’ photo of yours ???


[my favourite , along with 'cfperry’s Gomer Pyle - like cowboy hat head shot ! ]


Nice clean setup you got there. Sweet looking little board you have there. Let me know how it goes. I am particularly intrested in how it goes on your backhand.

Keep well

p.s. - whatever happened to THIS ‘avatar’ photo of yours ???


That avatar is an image from STUPEFLIP a french music band. Real fun music.

"Let me know how it goes. I am particularly intrested in how it goes on your backhand. "

Sorry, I won’t be able to, the board is not mine anymore (and has never been)… It’s the guy on the picture the owner…

Anyway, I’ve got at least 3 eggs to shape for friends or for myself. I’ll give informations as soon as I have some.

Next projects are: a fish (Lis / Frye type), a funboard, another egg, another funboard (what we call “évolutive” longer, wider, betwin malibu and shortboard, made to improve beginner’s surfing), a strange thing, my egg, a MR like twin fin, a bonzer and so on…

I have to try and make the step for tints, S glass, Volan… what else ???

Hey Lob, i’m from Galicia (Spain), where do you get your materials, at Seabase? Have you tried their “gloss resin”? i had some trouble trying to polish a board with sanding resin.

Also do you use Clark Foam? my source of foams was Stalwart and they closed, at least for some time, so i’ll have to buy some Clarks from Seabase, i hope the shipping won’t be to expensive.



So far, I never bought anything from seabase.

I guess it’s about to change as Clark Foam blanks look way better than the one I use.

All my supplies come from

They produce and sell blanks. Thay also sell resins (UV resin for me), fiberglass and other usefull stuffs.

The problem with Surfoam blanks is the lack of choice in templates and some “uneven-ness” of the foam. That causes some troubles if you find harder and softer foam along the rails.

Surfoam blanks are cheaper than Clark’s as long as you pick a blank close to the final board.

Otherwise, a Clark can be a better choice as the price is almost the same.

For instance, to shape the egg (6’0" x 21") we had to use a 7’4" !!!

You can try and contact Surfoam.

You can also pay a visit to the french shaper’s website: maybe you’ll find some interesting information for you… if you speak french.

I’ve come to Galicia sometimes, from France to Portugal or on the way back. Lovely but rainiest palce you live in. By the way, where are you in Galicia ?

Lob, having to pay shipping anyway, i think i’ll try Clark for the first time in my life.

With Stalwart i also had problems with different foam density, bubles (wich made them really bad for a resin tint work), and the worst part, the foams were really bad glued, so you’ll spend some hours trueing the foam…

I’ll let you know how was my first try on Clark, i think they might be the nº 1 for something…

Thanks for your response.