My Number Two

My 20c worth of stoke

Finished my second garage attempt

The ’ modular ’ shaping bay and vac setup for the planer

Worked a treat- but 3 wks later I’m still sweeping foam dust.

This time I got smart and copied the rails off my fave shortboard with a flexi curve , making templates.

All tricks I picked up from Swaylocks.

I went for a refinement of my first one - finer rails and tail , quad with a ( kind of ) Speed Dialler bottom.

The photos are artfully arranged to hide the cosmetic and structural faults ; )

This one fought me a bit ( things like the planer ripping the blazes out of the foam- I used a Shapers Barrel the first time ) but it’s all experience.

First spray , first box install ,all great fun.

It 6 7 ‘’ , 21 3/4 and a hair under 3’’ thick thicker than I planned , dunno what happened but you don’t feel it cos the rails are quite fine.

First surf today in shoulder high onshore with the rip sapping power from the waves and a nice side wash/wobble off the rocks for good measure.I got one little roundhouse cutty to take home , the rest of the time flailing around like a goony bird.

Floats me well though - we shall see.

“The photos are artfully arranged to hide the cosmetic and structural faults ; )”

Man, either you’re a pretty good photographer or this board is just fine (at least for a second board…)

From memory you have a twin keel??. If so, how do you find the difference in manouverability??? I love my twin keel, but a lighter, looser version for more verticality would be sweet


That came out sweet! Love that color,too. Mike

fantastic work. your board looks really fine mate.

flexi curve, i’ve learnt something. does anyone know where you can buy them in oz?

Beautiful man!

Looks like you’ve got a nice space to work in, and a good eye.

Sometimes it makes me want to go back to poly for a bit, but then you remind me of the dust :slight_smile:

Killer photos too, the shaping bay shot is styley, and the scenery in the other shots makes me feel right at home :wink:

Nice one


NuclearFishin, That is some beauty of a #2 board. Talking about being a starter, you sure start off with a BANG. Really like the board color choice, my favorite color. If I may suggest changing your front inserts to the White ones and see if you like your board better.

Welcome to the ProBox Movement!


super nice board!

can’t see any flaw…

Thanks for the encouragement guys, it means a lot.

Beerfan , yes it is noticeably looser than my twin keel- I surfed today , had my local about as good as it gets.

The boards plenty fast,responsive and loose, almost too much so for me at the moment , ha.I wasn’t getting the bomb sets or anything but pulled off a coupla roundhouse cutties and flew along a couple of nice walls.A bit of very embarrassing trouble with foot placement but I’ll work it out. I’ll enjoy experimenting with fins and positions to fine tune , as Larry suggests, for sure.

Me on the twin keel

Apologies for blowing my own trumpet but after 35 years surfing that’s the only remotely flattering pic of the five I have of myself !

Hey oldy, I got my flexi curve online from a local art supply or office(tech drawing) supply place.I think it was about 15 bucks.

gracias. i’ll start looking.

Here’s the thread

Rail template tool

thanks again.

Sweet mate. Like everyone has said, it is beautiful!, looks like #50 more than 2. Keep up the good work mate.

If that’s you on your twin keel i can;t wait to see a pic of you on your quad !

Hey jeff

Sweet as old mate, there’s plenty of fun to be had on that buedy !!!