nathan fletcher hand shaped single fin pin original

So I came across this board, its really thick, narrow cali-point break style pin tail, single fin. I got some pics taken of it, will post them later tonight. For as old as the board is, I’d say its in really good condition. It’s definately water ready, and cosmetically sound.

At any rate, its shaped by Nathan Fletcher, and as I recall hes the OG Dogtown dude. I have the chance to pick up this board for $350. Does that sound reasonable? A steal, great deal… no big deal or what?

Some feedback and advice on whether or not I should pick it up or not would be great. And ya, I’ll get the pics up asap. Thanks


Nathan Fletcher is herbie’s kid. Younger brother of Christian. Born in 1975. I don’t think he shapes, at all.

You must be thinking of Nathan Pratt. (Horizons West)

OH crap! You’re right… i had to double check my cell phone pic… its a “PRATT” board. Its in the glass job near the nose.