Need a Board this weekend in the San Fran - Santa Cruz area

Call for help here.  Im a FL guy , stuck in Reno for 2 weeks for work. Im planning on driving out to Santa Cruz tomorrow (friday) and sleeping in a van and surfing around the area for the weekend. Anyone know of a shop that rents actual boards… no soft-tops… i guess surftechs will do.

OR…   Anyone want to rent me a board of theirs for sat/sun??? ill give you $25 a day for it.

Im 6’2" 190lbs… so something bigger than the 6.0x18…

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!!!







check out Freeline Design in santa cruz. corner of 41st and portola.

Thanks ill give them a shot.  Anyone know where the Ambrose travel board is?? is it still goin around?