Need a Funky fin and Funky Fin Questions... *PIC*

Ive almost got my Con Auzzie super lightwieigt resurected, after a major Delam repair- Once I dug into this thing I realized Id really opened up a can o worms-. My first question is this- I have several Cracks on the inside the Vari-set fin box that look as though they may get into the Board. I want to seal these up- Im thinking some kind of semi quik set epoxy, for a good bond, vs/ resin- Has any one done this before? The cracks dont affect the boxes ability to hold the fin snugly so I imagine it could be repaired- Id rather not take it out- This brings me to my next question- The Fin I have has some edge wear on the inside of the foil, and a hole in it leash user modification). Has any one worked on the plastic fins- If so what is my best fill material-? Epoxy again? Tinting tips for the epoxy? (Might as well make it look decent, with all the other sh… Ive done!)And last but not least- Id really like to find another Variset fin with a bit more Rake- (Yes I am going to ride this thing when its done). Ill try and add a pic to this post so you can see what the bas looks like- The one I need is the red one on the left. (The Wave set “finger” is just for a comparison.) Its not a w.a.v.e.set, or wonderbolt type fin- It is an early fins ulimited product. If you have one that you could part with- (and dont plan on putting the kids through college with it!) Id be stoaked to here from you. Or perhaps some one is making fins with this base configuration for suckers like me! Thanks all- Steve

Here is a close up of the Base of the Vari-Set Fin I need- A Desired Depth is around the 9" Range- A bit more rake than the red one though!- Bueno!- Steve

Wow! A W.A.V.E. Set Skip Frye Finger Fin in the root beer color with no warpage on the base. As for the 2 hole Fins Unlimited…I don’t think there was a more raked version. They were used on surfboards for just a few years. What? Like 1969 to 1971? But they we used on windsurfers up into the mid eighties. I’ve seen opaque red fins that were stiffer, shorter and a wider base than the original model. A good replacement fin for the El Paipos that have the old Fins Ulimited box. Look for them at yard sales. Be sure to check out the bottom of the junker winsurfer in the tall grass by the back fence. Well anyway…I don’t think there is a stock 2 hole FU that is longer and rakier than your present fin. Contact Figgy and maybe he can make one for you. Maybe just silicone caulk the cracks in the box.

Steve, When you’re done, can you please add those photos to the photo resources? Thanks, S.