need help! lam contaminated with surf wax post curing

So i finished the lam on an egg shape that i was making but did not have enough time do a hotcoat on it because i was moving back down to socal. so i put it on the soft racks on my car and transported it from SF to OC, which was about an 8 hour drive. and hour into the drive i remembered that the lam was in contact with another board that had wax on it. Also the straps left behind a weird residue. I want to finish this boiard but feel like the hotcoiat wont bond well with all the crud on there. so my question is whether anyone has a way or theory to remove all the contaminants so that i can get a clean(er) hotcoat.  Any info/ ideas would help and are greatly appreciated! and thanks! 


O ya the board is using standard poly resin

im not touching this

good luck guy

I would wipe it down with acetone , the acetone will remove the wax and dirt then hot coat as normal no big deal

sorry pierpoint,, but acetone dont do much for disolving wax,

this could be tricky,,,, like you may need to use a petrolium base product like paint thinner or gasolene first

then a cleaner like windex or soap and water second

then acetone third. 

the reason this is gonna be tricky is the acetone will soften up the lam resin , so if you go at it first with acetone by the time you get the wax off the lam maybe decomposed or compromised.

the thinner or gas will get the wax off fast, but here lies another potential problem ,,, the lam may have pin holes and the thinner may get to the foam and discolor or break it down prematurely.


my 2cnts


good luck with this

what the heck,,,,,,

maybe one of those "pickle" wax removers will work

Thanks kensurf! i think i can pick up one of those pickle wax removers cheaply

sorry buddy but acetone is a solvent and acetone is one of the active ingredents in paint thinner.  acetone will rub wax right off your lamination  and is used as an industrial cleaner the world over.  I do this for a living on daily basis.     so please the pickle?   


I agree with you, I had misspoken, acetone will cut wax. Ive tried it and it didnt seem very efficiant to me.

but I was also trying to point out that thinner or gas will cut it faster but will have its delema's

eather way there could be a breakdown of the lam


I didnt want to touch this thread in the beginning cause I have never had a lam contaminated as bad as the one in mention

the mention of the Pickel was a joke  

hahahaha good thing i didnt buy it. i always thought it was a ridiculous product, but im getting kind of desperate

hope you get it sorted out

test in small areas for the boards safety,,, good luck