Need help pricing boards

Hey… I have three boards my dad gave me and he said were worth a lot. I don’t know much about surfing so I was wondering if someone could tell me what’s good about them or whatever.

Here’s some pics:

You need to repost pics that show the entire top and bottom of each board. If you include closeups, make them of the writing that shows dimensions and/or shaper signature, or dings, logos, and things of interest. All I know so far from your pics is that the boards are made of foam.

From the pictures I think they should be worth somewhere between.

value is determined by the brand, shaper, and condition.

your pics don’t show discernable logos (with the exception of half of an infinity logo).

they don’t show shaper signatures.

and they show the boards’ condition as being pretty beat up.

fun to ride…maybe. worth a lot (of money)…doubtful.

Hey- sorry I’ll take more/better pictures when I can - he said he was offered $400 for one of the boards when he was at the beach… I dunno which board, or if the other 2 are worth anything. I’ll post back with pics later. Thanks

take the money and run

maybe a bundle

or trade for a new a long board

preferably from the guys that originally made the boards.

one looks lik a lightning bolt maybe and the other an Infinity.

contact boene at infinity and Jack shiply or randy rarick

they are having an auction in honolulu this summer

sponsored by quicksilver…

the people that cherish these boards are out there

and some one that gets these from you aat an underpriced value will make a bundle.

so get a new contemporary board and your kid in 30 years

can sell it for another bundle of dough or another new board trade

and carry on the tradition

if the bolt is a lopez ?

if it’s a parrish?

if the boene is a real boene

clueless in seattle?

cash in on that crazy california money.

some chick paid 300,000 for a kiss from george clooney

and he’s from indiana

call alan seymoure

his friends call him butts

seeymore butts

the collectable subculture is a nest of asps

wait dont take the first offer

auctions are illuminating

seymoour beat Noll to his first board…


a parrish made for rabbit cubbins

or Malk Lichards would b worth a toyota in tokyo

you could have a fourtune on your hands

you might be able to buy your dad an Iron lung