need lots of help with board making/shaping/designing

hey ya’ll, i am in yr 12, for my major art work i wana make a surfboard and put a design on it, incorporated with paintings and stuff to make the major body of work, but yeh… i know people who can help me with the making of the board but i still would like to know what other people know cause i want the best advice i can get. i also need to know what type of paints i should use for the design, and at what stage of the process i should do my design on the board, because this is the main part. any info on the designs or the making process could you please get back to me a.s.a.p because i dont have heaps of time. thanx.

Don’t wait for a response…check out many, many, many previous threads for lots of info.

boy oh boy did you ever come to the right place or what?..Every one of these guys here was 12 and stoked too! the research is the effort,The information in the archives await you. The advisory panel at swaylocks is the best and more importantlyTHE most accessible .Study the archives and return with Informed Questions.The panel of experts can tell if you have studied .You have infinite potential.Pursuit of the knowledge necessary to make a surfboard well is involved …make a model first…all wood w/a glued up stringer go Van GOUGH…looking forward to watching your adventure…the board you make yourself will be the best board ever in the history of mankind…dont let others do too much of the work…do it yourself and reap the satisfaction…ambrose…watching and talking with my hands behind my back fidgiting with excitement

Shape (sculpt) the board first, keep the shape simple, don’t go overboard with complexity. It’s your first board. Fine sand the foam nice and your “canvas” is ready for the paint. Use acrylic colors (Liquitex is best). Enjoy the experience…

Ambrose is right; you can spend weeks just reading and re-reading all of the knowledge in the archives. Try searching using basic single words like: foil, rail, rocker, tools, planer, Jim Phillips, Loehr, Spitzer, Solomonson, gene, PlusOne, Noodle, Gross, fiberglass, laminate, resin, gloss. Problem is you’ll need weeks to read it all and a strong will to stop. Rob Olliges

“…the board you make yourself will be the best board ever in the history of mankind…” I just thought that was perfect, Ambrose.

GW - Haven’t a clue as to where you are now. How about a hint or two. Seen or heard from Russ or Mick? I don’t believe we have met but a couple of years ago I spent some time in J-bay w/ Russ and visited Mick in St. Leu. Heard alot about your “secret board ideas” I never told a soul.

Hey there lad, You are a child of the era of technology. Grab the best shape you can find, put it in a CAD database hook that up to a Kawazaki robot arm arccurate to 1/10,000" put a router tip on it and shape 2000 boards send them over to the glassworks slap a graphic on em and distribute your booty on E-bay just before X-mass…A++

G’day JO. It’s no secret that I’m snowboarding in southwest Colorado. Great fun but doesn’t come close to the surfing experience. Haven’t actually seen Russel, or been to PI, for many years. I revisited Mick and co about two years ago. It was like stepping back in time. Apart from the addition out front, the workshop had not changed a bit, just collected a lot of dust. Not my style. Some of the so-called secret stuff was unsuccesfully attempted by Russ, so didn’t work. When I was there we got amazing results, and it’s a pity I couldn’t have shown Russ myself. Remy is very good glasser and gave me the full story, and was not given a chance to explain it properly. I tried giving away a few clues here and at the surfermag forum, but I guess being unknown or underground I have no credibilty. No big deal. I’m planning on getting some boards together and get down to Mexico eventually. I might even adjust my in-line fins into some pivoting fins. Blakestah is onto something there. Hope we meet some day, JO. Catch some waves for me. Checkya.