Need step by step inst ructions for glossing


I’m about to attempt my first Gloss and polish on a longboard. I’ve read the archives and have some of the info.


Sand to 120

Gloss coat it (I’ll be using Taupo glosss resin I bought from Seabase here in Ireland). How much catalyst should I use in the gloss coat. 2% ???

Sand to 800 ish

What happens next. This is where I need step by step instructions.

Can you guys help me out ?



Sounds Like you’ve got glossing down, atleat the application, basically once the gloss is applied you need to polish it to a gleaming shine.

Really sorry for saying this but… try searching the archives for “polishing” and “rub-out” should get you what your after.

I use a little over 1 CC per OZ. Plus I add about 5% Surfacing Agent. Kokua taught me that.

You need only sand to 600. And if your gloss comes out super smooth, maybe only 400.

After sanding, you will need to buff the board with polishing compound. I use 3M, others swear by Surluster or Maguires. Either will work great. An automotive store should carry someting useable. You can get Surluster via mail from the states.

You should have a variable speed 7" sander and a wool buffing bonnet to begin. I use 3M Super duty buffing compound. I will buff one half of the board in 3 foot increments, then buff the other half. what you do is squirt out a SMALL amount of compund on the board and then take the sander at the lowest speed and the motion is more or less like sanding, just with a little more pressure at the onset. Make long smooth passes gradually lightening the downward pressure once the compound is rubbed away. You will quickly notice that the board becomes glossy.

Affter the Souer duty compound I switch to a medium cut and repeat the process. 3M Also makes a fine cut, but I don’t really see the need to go more than the medium.

Afte you are done polishing with the buffing compound, I switch to a polishing bonnet, and use a marine liquid wax to finish the board off. here it atually helps to have two polishing bonnets, one to apply, and the other to rub the wax off.

A few hints, keep a pitcher of water, or fill up a spray bottle with water and keep them handy. It helps to spritz the board whilst buffing. Not a lot, just a little water will prevent burns.

Always keep the sander moving, slow and steady.

Buff directly under overhead lights. This helps you see the scratches. And you will have lot’s of them. After many glosses you will eventually reduce, and then eliminate even the most minute of scratches…but for your first few, they will be there so don’t worry about them. In fact you can really only see them upon very close inspection.

Oh yeah, one more thing, whilst buffing, you tend to get this line of compound that forms across the shirt by your chest, so don’t wear anything nice.


Hey Drew

Thanks for the great advice. I’m gonna sumarise just to make sure I got it right.

1 - Buff with 3M (or other automotive ) polishing compound. I presume buffing , polishing & Cutting compound are the same thing ?

2 - Then use a medium cuttign compound

3 - Use a fine cutting compoun (optional)

4 - Finish with Marine liquid wax. (2 lambs wool bonets)

The only problem I see myself having is that my sander is not variable speed. Guess I’ll just have to go nice and light


Yeah man…Have at it!!!

Yes, buffing, polishing, cutting compound are all the same.

Rule of thumb I use is, that the faster your sander, the faster you should be moving it…so adjust accordingly. You can definitly get a nasty burn if you move to slowly.

Rubbing out a board, is actually quite simple and with the right tools, very easy to do a decent job, but takes many, many boards to do a great job.

Post a pic of the before and after if you can.


The pic will up by March 26th (day before I take the board to France to christen it)

Thanks again Drew.



Why not christen her in Erin proper?

I think St’ Pat’s day would be ideal.

Good luck and look forward to seeing her completed!



Please correct me if I’m wrong!

I never used Taupo Gloss before (I’m going to) but I thought it was allready mixed with wax…

I mention this because you said to add 5% wax. Don’t you have to put wax only into regular resin?

Anyhow, was just a thought.


I add the SA into the pre-mixed gloss resin. It flows better and produces a smoother finish.



Oh yeah, one more thing, whilst buffing, you tend to get this line of compound that forms across the shirt by your chest, so don’t wear anything nice.

Oh, you mean like THIS? :open_mouth:


Nice line.

My first few boards I glossed I used so much compound that the girlfriend joked that there was an equator seperating my gut from my pecs.

I see you took my name. Now i can’t name my boards “Drew”…dang


Yup, sorry…But it IS my last name :wink:

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