New 6 foot ten swaylocks inspired

O’k swaylocks. I am making a new 6 '10. have a 7 '3 burford with hawian style rocker. the dilema is do I go swallow tail , swallow tail flyer or run of the mill boring squash. It will be 20 x 2& 3/4,

Swaylocks inspired

Make whatever tail you like. That’s what’s good about America…you have choices!!!

Obviously, you need to experiement some with different tail shapes, so start now.

Anyway, NOBODY knows how you surf, where, your size, your preferences as well as YOU!

O’k bottom shape . tail will be squash. bottom single to double concave.

" I am making a new 6 '10…"

hiya John !

A single fin ?

widowmaker ?

or thruster ?

cheers !


Thruster, Speeedfins.

Aloha! I think he means “that’s what’s good about Australia!” …or Swaylock’s. Or most of all being a surfer/shaper. With a blank. Imagination!!! Aloha…RH