new 9'6 pintail

I would appreciate some advice on the purchase of a new board, I found someone who has imported some boards from the US & I am interested in purchasing either a Con classic pin ,a Dewey Weber stylist or a Bing pintail (apparently slightly more rockered than the other two).

I have a performance orientated 2+1 already & it would be for small beachbreak UK surf, & yes it has to be a pintail. Any comments?

I would say go with the Bing pintail. A pentail is a board where you just try to make the wave and fit in the barrel so with the little extra rocker it might slow you down some but not noticibly and it has an advantage by not nosediving when on the desent.

What are the demensions? If the Dewey Weber is better looking i would still go with the Bing.


The dimensions that I have found are -

for a 9 - 10" Bing pintail are - middle 22 1/2 to 23 1/4, nose 18 1/2, tail 15 1/2 x 3, it is in a marbled caramel sort of colour. The Con classic pin is - 23 middle, nose 18 1/2, 15 1/4 tail with 60/40 rails. The stylist I have no dimensions for but in either a denim blue or green tint I do find myself becoming drawn in purely by how good they would look.


Given your choices, go with the Bing.