new board in progress

Started this last weekend using a 1lb EPS blank from our local EPS manufacturer. The blank was 9-4, I think the length will be 8-5 x 21 x 3. Turned out to be a rounded pin. I started glassing it yesterday 2 - 6oz on the bottom. This morning I added love handles for extra strength and a 8 oz inlay and will add 2 clear 6 oz over that. Going for a single fin.

Looking good. I love the functionality of rail channels. More pics pls. 

All the best

Love your

Outline (nice blend of hip and function).

Color, awesome

accuse please,

Just screams (to me)


Aloha keep the STOKE


It looks like you have yourself a nice, fruity (love the colors),  under-the-radar SBC entry.

How did you shape the rail channels? How did you decide tail shape? Any spackle or slurry before glassing  that 1# foam?

Yes, more pics please!


I’m almost fiished with the board. I’ll try to shoot a few more shots. I used a small piece of very course grit Belt Sander media for the channels. It naturally rolls up, so I’ve used it for all kinds of sanding purposes. I taped off the shape I wanted then took the sanding media and rolled it up real tight and started at the ends then when the channels got wider I used a small piece of PVC pipe that was about the right width and wrapped the media around that and finished the depth and width I wanted. After that I removed the tape and took some 220 grit paper and smoothed off the edges.

I’ve since done the 2 clear layers of 6oz over the deck inlay, added the long single fin box and did the fill coat top and bottom. I added a small patch of 4 oz over the box before doing the bottom fill coat. I just have to sand the board and decide how I want to do the leash holder. I may try to do a glass rope type, but I have the standard plastic plug type to embed into the board, or I could do a hole through the box.

The board was spackled with fast and final and then sanded again. If I was really careful I could have screened it and gotten it real smooth, but I rushed the shaping and there were lots of pits from the soft foam. I think the rails benefit the most from spackling. It adds just enough hardness to get them tuned in. 1 lb is kind of soft to get them just right in the nose and tail. and where you want a nice hard edge.

I’ll post more photos in the next update. Also this is not a SBC thing. I was thinking about it, but nah, I’m not looking to be in a challenge or contest.

Lookin’ good!

Too bad SC. You’re in the competition. You can’t just say you’re not. We have rules. 

All the best

great stuff , Harry !


  opaque bottom , tint deck , yes ?


  will you finbox it too , so you can play around with different fin templates , sizes , and positions ?



 I’m  looking forward to seeing more progress photos too





OK, I have a few new photos. I sanded the board and finished it off with a rattle can clear coat. I had a Greenough 4A fin I made a while ago for a board I made for Bernie, but it was a little thin. After reading the post about the 4A not being a good fin unless it is 1/2 inch thick, I added more glass to it and never finished foiling it. So while I was waiting for the clear coat to dry I decided to finish the fin and see if it will work in this board. It was originally a thin Koa veneer covered with clear but the glass came out milky not clear,so I added yellow to it. After foiling it, you can see the dark koa under the yellow.

I added a few shots of the board showing the box and the glass patch over it, and what I used to make the rail channel.

Ben the deck is not a tint, just a light mix of white and yellow pigment, the bottom was white yellow and green. I had very little green left, so it has a unique color.


so funny. I wasn’t gonna jump in either. Had glued up my blank before this, then it sat. Didnt think I would have any time for the sbc. But it sucks you in! It’s taken on a life of its own. Haha, anyway, great thread here, great project, thanks for sharing!

Wow, nice work Harry. That is a smooth outline.

Looks like we have some good swell coming our way next week. You might get to try it right away, if not I want to try it :)

what is that color

lime sherbet or avocado? 

at least its not puke green and you didn’t drop it in the dirt this time.

deck should’ve been pale pink, pink and green are the new black and orange

why single, cause of the greenough?

vee bottom?

I think 2+1 or thruster with small fins would work out better hope you anchored the box better (attaching it to the deck)

you must really like that outline since you have like 2 dozen of them by now

but I like this one the best ,aybe its the pastel versus the typical coke bottle green everyone does.

whatcha naming her?


noice , Harry !


 so glad you put a finbox in


  Maybe you can play around with one of bernie’s spitfire , or a winged keel , or even … a SINGLE KEEL  in it eh ?


ride report welcomed !  [ hint hint ]


  cheers mate !



Oh wow lau lau, I was going give um to you, but now I no going give um to you.

Eh, I only buy 4 colors brah, white, blue, green and yellow. Da blue stay gone and da green stay empty. Had to scrape the sides brah. Could have been another drip da color all over da board kine, but I wen try make one nice normal one. Dis waz going be da “Lemon-Lime” one, but now I going name um Doo Doo Boy afta you. If no work good, going be more lemon den lime, but now, if no good, den it’s jus Doo Doo. But you no me eh, so da bugga going be good.

If you no how surf, den only need one fin. One fin is moa shamood brah. Godda be one shamood surfa foa dis kine board. You only need one fin cause you only need make one turn.

"  you must really like that outline since you have like 2 dozen of them by now "


  only 24 ??!!




  … that ain’t nothing !


  my brother has 72 boards at last count   […nuts !]


[  and he will probably bring back more from north coast / sydney / indo ? ]


If I surf again , I will go back to one board . Or the surf mat . Or the go pro …

" If you no how surf, den only need one fin. One fin is moa shamood brah. Godda be one shamood surfa foa dis kine board. You only need one fin cause you only need make one turn. "



 haaaa  … classsic !


  you are nearly like aussies , giving each other crap   …nick and tom carroll come to mind … and michael and tom peterson …




can’t wait to see shots of this board in action … maybe if you FILM Bernie on it , and post the FOOTAGE on this thread [ again , hint hint …]



Hi Ben I actually had 4 or five, all about 8’, but I gave away my old favorite one, and broke my newer favorite one. I made a 7’ board from the pieces I had, but I’m not getting as much paddling power from that one. I wanted another in the 8’ size to have more foam and paddle better. This is about 8’5" so it’s the longest I’d be comfortable riding. I want the extra paddling for the bigger days when it’s hard to get into the thicker waves on smaller boards.

I’m hoping that this one will handle anything I can catch from the smallest to the largest waves. I may have to add side bites later for the bigger days, but we’ll have to see. I also figured that this might be big enough for Bernie, but since he can’t surf right now, I have a lot of time to try it. I bought six 9’4" blanks so, I can make another just like it if it works well, or I can make a different size up to 9’3". The next ones will probably be compsands with balsa over the foam. I didn’t want to bother with the vacuum work so I just made the glass thicker.

I’m glad you guys still post here , as you help make swaylocks fun !


 So , just  out of interest ,


  what would be the SHORTEST boards you both ride , nowadays ?


  what length , width , thickness ?


  and , if it’s not too rude , what height and weights are you both ?


  is Bernie injured , mate ?


  if so , get well soon !


  keep up the great work , guys !


 cheers !  [ from cold , south east , oz … ]



My smallest is 5’10" x 20" x 2.5" but I’m riding a couple of boards between 6’ and 6’7" as my small boards, then I have a couple of 8’ to 8’2" boards with low rocker, and an 8 footer with a gun rocker that I like for the better days, but that one has all kinds of strangeness like multiplane bottom with a flat/slightly concave center and slightly rolled sides with thin pinched rails, the nose has a heavy concave too. The board is a little too thin, but it paddles nice. I want to take that rocker and make something that has a flat bottom tucked under rails and a center thickness of 2.75"

I’m 5’6" fully stretched out and up to 172lbs now. Carrying about 15 lbs more than I should around the midsection, but I like to eat. My best weight would be between 155 and 160.

wow , how often would you ride the  5’10 , and in what kind of waves ?




  you are at  least 40 years old aren’t you , harry ?