new board...publics opinion

So it looks as if I am buying a Lauren Yater Single Fin. 7’2" x 20 3/8" x 2 7/8"

this weekend and I am really really really stoked. i love to longboard but I grew up skateboarding. I mean A LOT of skateboarding. So now I am 31 and find myself falling in LOVE with surfing. I have friend that are strong surfers and say I should be getting a small board i can throw around. But I love to trim…and glide. i liek the ease of paddle in a bigger board. AND…i find myself actually being able to throw a big board around pretty good because of my days skateing. i just wanted to get a general opioin of this board from some true longtime surfers. Pros and cons…lay it all out there.

lauran is a really good guy, couldnt say a bad word about him…but im not big on his singlefin model…the template just doesnt look that fun to me, kinda plain…but he is the son of renny yater…and we all know how well he trims, so his board must trim pretty well (i know lauran surfs a bit like his dad).

i dont know anyone whos ridden one…never seen one in the water.

a fish wouldnt be a bad choice, or just a good modern singlefin like a moss research spacecake?

well… It has been said before but those medium sized fun boards are the worst to paddle, you don’t have the glide of a longboard, and you can’t sink it and swim paddle it like a shortboard. I have never rode the board, but i wouldn’t expect to be doing to many highpreformance moves on it.