New Board Questions

Hey guys I picked up this used board from some guy and was wondering, it needs repairs and it is made from a clark foam blank, can i use resin on it or does it have to be epoxy? also, if I can use resin, cann i just go and pick up some resin from home depot or does it have to be surfboard resin?

You can use either epoxy or polyester resins on Clark foam–every blank was polyurethane. Get surfboard resin from nearest outlet, it’ll come out much better. UV cure kits are available at most surfshops and are the easiest for the inexperienced user.

whats the turnaround time w/ UV cure kits? i just called the only local surf shop and they’re out… reason im asking is b/c im thinking of driving 3 hrs on sunday to go surfing and this is my only board…

Just get a tube of Solar Rez (small ones are just 3 bucks) sand the inside of ding with 40 grit, squeeze in resin, cover with clear plastic to smooth resin over ding, place in the sun for three min., remove plastic leave in sun for another 5, and then sand smooth. When you have time do a proper repair with glass. Stay away from P/E resins from Home Depot and Auto Parts stores, they can come out with an ugly gray/brown tint.