New Board Strength

Hey everybody,

I’m ordering a custom EPS/Epoxy board and want to know whether or not this combination of foam density and glassing schedule will create a strong durable board. The shaper in question is offering me 2 # EPS with 6/6/4 deck and 4/4 bottom. All input and feedback is appreciated.

don’t worry that is plenty strong

yeah, man…smells good

Hey RC,

well Id like to agree but there’s not enough information in your post.

How long?

How thick?

What kind of surf?

Are there stringers involved?

If your ordering a std stringered shortboard yeah, thats very strong.

But if its long and thin it may just be adequate…one big strong lip is all it takes…but we dont always get that opportunity so it may work long term for you no matter what.

It’s 6’6" X 21.25 X 2 5/8 with a 2+1 fin setup