New Bulkley Quad

This is my first time posting here, so please bar with me… I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Brain Bulkley for building me a surf board that after only 2 sessions has made me a better surfer!! The customer service was unreal. He took the time to answer ever silly question I had. Thanks again BB!!!

Looks like a really fun board. What are the dimensions? Mike

It’s a big baord (old fat guy starter) …7’0 X 22 X 3.

I really should add that even at this size this thing fly’s. It holds a high line very well and turns on a dime. It really is the best of both worlds. Paddles like it’s 7’0 but turns like it’s much much smaller!!!

cool to hear that Bulkley is still making killer boards. i owned a number of his boards starting around 93’ for a number of years. never actually talked to him but loved his boards… got turned onto them from a guy named Brad Africano who was some how connected to Brian and was responsable for getting loads of BBs up to norther Cal. where i lived. i had a 7’4" pin that lasted 8+ years and was the best semi gun that i have ever owned… gosh i miss that board.