New Concept in Surfcraft Design. ( Coming soon...)

Coming soon huh.  Pear shape, Roma or 33 Rounds?

The idea came from looking at how highly tuned surfboards are but now they’re doing more acrobatic manoeuvres and maybe there’s a design concept that’s more suited to airs and tricks. Look how commercial foils went from being on SUPs to 3’11" shortboards and now they’re doing flips, rolls, spins.

 We’ve been locked into this “single unit” surfboard shape since the beginning, always shaping from a single block, blending infinite variations of compromise. Yet boats and planes use multi piece/ multihull design to customise performance.

What is the function of the front half of a surfboard? Taking away the nose area of a TOMO, no-nose and a peanut design there’s only a small front area that’s essential for planing on takeoff and pitch control when you’re riding.

 Of course it’s not all about taking a way area, it’s really about adding more efficient area to replace and enhance the design overall.

Yeah I don’t know about your surfboard designs; but the sanitaryisolater surgical thing is pretty good.

Do you work in healthcare or related ?

 The virtual ISO room would cutback on waiting lists, move a lot of the high volume but low tech surgeries along much faster. And generally make operating theatres more efficient.

Currenty it’s single file patient after patient and every minute of time wasted compounds into less surgeries being done each day. 

The current answer from hospital management is to rush everyone into faster work but that only creates more mistakes like infections,  incorrect surgeries and higher mortality. 

 There are better ways to do this especially if it’s an old system steeped in the status quo like shaping.

No I don’t work in healthcare.  You need to make sure you’ve got everything worked out on the final product prototype, patent it and then sell it to the right buyer.  You’ll never work another day for the rest of your life.  I have had two friends in life that invented “Medical Devices”.  They both got bored living the good life and went back to work inventing their next multimillion $$ “Device”.  Just be sure you patent and find a trustworthy broker to handle the sale.  Lowel.  PS and don’t post anymore pictures online.

Sadly a patent only gives you the legal right to go broke in court as there’s a slew of countries that don’t uphold international IP laws, China being number 1 on that list. It’s tough to get to market only to find the worlds been flooded with knock offs that you can’t stop.

 focussing on altruistic ventures in healthcare seems more attainable.

Yeah over here things will be simpler after 1/20/21.   if you want the Chinese to “knock off” your latest invention, you just send the plans and specs via the U S Post Office to that White House on Pennsylvania Av. in our 51st State.

My oldest son spent the last 3 years working on the next gen Johnson and Johnson robotic surgery suites, news of which has just been released.  One of their offerings will be a portable fully-contained robotic surgical suite that can be remotely operated.  

Wondering why no one has taken the Pope Bi-sect to the next level…the copyright has long lapsed, and I could not think of a more marketable product for mas appeal than sectional shortboard/longboards done right.  Seems like a natuiral for Firewire and their immense production capacity.  

Hi Icc, there’s a lot of room for invention in the surgical field. Status quo * reigns supreme because it’s  comfortable but now there are more patients, demands, pain and risks involved, not to mention profitability.

 I think if I can get my Virtual Sterile Field in front of the board of directors of a private hospital they’ll jump at the opportunity to up their KPIs and see the money roll in. Once one hospital trials it, it should be mandatory because it delivers better patient outcomes. Hospitals don’t like to change but if it proves to be better, they have to incorporate new ideas. Best practice, social contract with the community and all that.

 As for the surfboard idea, my one has swappable front and rear sections so you can custom the ride for slower of faster waves, if something gets dinged it’s not a disaster. Just swap that section out. You can even change the distance between sections so it can ride like a longboard and then adjust to ride like a shortboard.




  • Not the band.

ya, have to think a sectional bord would be the holy grail for travel…center core, couple noses and tails that could change outline/length/rocker…being that the difference between a daily driver and a step-up for young hot rodders these days is just a few inches…

and if someone came out with quality longboard design/construction that could be broken down into two or three pieces in a lightweight hard case, the demand would be huge, from offshore travellers to Telsa commuters.  

Spent a year while attending college as a surgical orderly on the swing shift, mostly ER cases…a year was enough.

Icc, that’s how I see it, all these boards with minimal differences yet the rider is the same.


I better reveal something for you guys.

 Here’s the first front section. Laminated pine veneer with 4 oz / epoxy between.

It’s a simple planing section.

 I had it connected to the next section with 2 side arms and I quickly learned that 2 connectors is more trouble than I wanted. So from then on I only used a single piece connection system.

Here’s the second front section. It started out as a hydrofoil but due to the buoyancy it tends to plane rather than stay submerged so it quickly made it into the reject bin.

 One day I took it down to see if I could bodysurf with it, I held it out with both hands and it planed across the wave lifting up the front half of my body.  Wide Foils are really good at lift but the problem was the less than svelte body dragging behind it.

It’s flat underneath but with a central channel that gives it rocker thru the centre.

following with curiosity! love the attempt!

Vaccing another front section.

This is starting to get really interesting!

Hi Huck, PM.

Any new developments?

Curious to see what you’ve been up to.

Hey Bill, Xmas is a busy time of year but there’s always a lot of new developments, ideas, concepts, prototypes, testing. It never ends.

 Did you want to know about the multi piece surfboard ? The asymmetrical handplane ? Or the tapered surfmat ?

 They’re the 3 Im focussed on at the moment.

The handplane works off the concept that a wide section lifts quicker than a long section so I’ve put a wide area at the front.And once on the face the long section is on the inside giving you greater hold of the face. It’s also double sided so it works of Lefts and Rights. there’s a better version being glassed.

 The Multi Piece surfboard works off a similar concept, with a wide planing front section with a minimal riding section behind. It’s a pretty simple idea but it has great advantages over a single piece surfboard.

As the designs progresses I’m learning more about how and when a planing front section affects the riding of a surfboard, it’s also clear that the back section can be a pretty standard surfboard design but the front canard needs to be quite a technical design, taking in buoyancy and planing area distribution, how thickness affects the roll into a turn, its grip on the face, what 3 dimensional orientation between the 2 sections is best and of course, how to connect them together in a simple but solid manner.

The interesting benefits of a multi piece has always been as a travel board and something that fits in the boot/ trunk. The longer rear section is feet shorter than its comparable single piece surfboard so it’s less susceptible to  damage during travel and fits in the back of a taxi. 

If a section or the connector breaks it’s easy to connect a new piece so with a few spares you’ve got a versatile craft that goes from short to longboard and back for different waves or riders. It also lends itself to experimentation and refinement by swapping parts in and out. I see asymmetrical front sections.

 And much like foiling, introducing a new style of surfing would create new businesses, boost the sales of foam , glass and resin and give surfers something else to master.

And the tapered mat is just another of my mat designs continuing on from years ago.