new fin I made!

I 'd like to know what you think about my new fin. originally it was a windsurf fin I found on the beach,indeed it hasn’t much rake….

i put on my log to take the picture,

but actually it is thought for a 6’ single fin, shaped on the goodkarma’s outline by a friend of mine,young shaper.

I haven’t the board yet, do you think is a good fin for this board?

thank you


here you have the picture

I’m no fin specialist (like Halcyon and others) but I suspect you will have a very pivotal kind of board but not much drive.

thank you balsa,

what do you mean exactly for “pivotal”?

could it work as a noseriding fin?

i forgot, is 9’'.

I mean the board will turn very abruptly (as compared to long, drawn-out turns that you would obtain with a more “raky” fin).

What are the board’s dimensions? What are YOUR measurements? (especially weight) 9" can be a lot of fin or just the right length, depending on many things such as rocker, dims, weight of the surfer, tail shape, position of the fin…


i’m 184cm x 80kg

the board is a triple stringer 10’x23or24(i dont remember…)x 3 1/4 but is a strange noserider,

has a totally flat bottom(no nose concave) and a lot of scoop(exagerated)

i look for some photo…