New french user présentation


I’ m a new french swaylock’s user.

I had a first shape expérience few month ago woth a single egg hollow 6’0.

Actualy I’ll start a 6’4 egg in EPS and epoxy.

Thank you for all the advice which i find on this forum.

(sorry for my english! i hope this forum will be a good idea to improve it!)

I post some picture about my firt shape

First shape? Man you have some talent there.

That is a fine looking board. What are the dimensions? What timber have you used? and do you have any progress pictures through the build? If so, please post them, there’s never enough on hollows here for my liking.

Also please let us know how it rides.

Keep posting on your progress with your next project.


Oh, and before Chipfish comes in with this, show us that fin!

While you may improve your English here, I doubt you can improve your woodworking skills. That board is not only beautiful, it is beautifully done.

The rails, the noseblock and especially the tailblock - those are superb. I especially like the alternating woods:

Very nice - just how did you do that?



Nondeju kse beau!

Alors, tell us more! What wood, methods, ride reports!!!

Sacre Bleu, ils sont fous ces gaulois!

yep instant academy nomination for chequered [checkered] tail block

your english is better than my french

and perhaps better than my a western american speaker

the language is a plaything

as with surfboards.

your board is seriously

well done

and the weight is?

and yet at any weight

a fine rendition of the artform.


Mon dieu c’est belle! Ou en france surfez vous?

Really nice work…shinnnyyyyy

Between shwuz’s take-apart and your beauty, today must be my day to compliment wood boards.

NICE work. Welcome to Swaylock’s.

Hi Jessegaron!

From to Swaylock’, eh? As you can see, it’s not bad in here, either. Having already congratulated you on your very fine piece of work, all I have to say is keep up the good work and welcome aboard.

Beautiful board! Outstanding work! Tell us how she rides.


mannn you are natural!

love your work… welcome to sway’s

Wow, that looks killer. Very ambitious first shot. Don’t worry about your english, c’est bien.

Wow nice first effort !!! I think you may have found your niche.

Many won’t ever get close to what you achieved first attempt again congratulations.

I’m going out to kick the dog.