New Jersey Shapers

I was interested in a fish, twin or short single fin from a NJ shaper. I found the tel # for B. Wynn Surfboards in the archives but I’m unable to come up with any contact for Paul Baymore / Fly Surfboards – anyone have a tel # or e-mail address? I’d rather not go through the WaveJammers shop down in Toms River.

Everyone speaks well of Tim Nolte Surfboards but his shop/factory is down in OBX.

Any experience / comments on Wynn or Fly boards? Thanks, John

Between Wynn and Baymore I wold definatly go with Wynn! Definatly more expierence with what your looking for. I think it was drilled into him in San Diego.


I’m at work right now and only have Paul’s # at home. I’ll send it later tonight if you don’t get it by then. I’m pretty sure Paul is using RR epoxy products - Not sure if that’s his exclusive platform but he’s def proficient. He does really great work.

I’ve seen a lot of Brian’s work and it’s amazing. He can do anything modern but seems to take real passion for the retro stuff. Fish, resin pins, swirls, etc. Right now he’s restoring a 67 Munoz for me. He’s has a real class, large facility in Vineland.

Moving down NC; I’ve never owned a TN board but have also heard good things on them. In this area don’t overlook Scott Busbey in Hatteras. He’s right there in Buxton making ‘in the eye’ boards. I have one of his fun shapes and his prices for such high quality will blow you away.



I have no experience with the shapers up in NJ but I do have with TN and In The Eye boards, both of which are excellent options for East Coasters.

I have owned 7 - 8 TN boards over the years, mostly customs. Tim builds really good boards, and they LAST, his glassing is the best on the East Coast. All work is done in his factory/shop in Currituck so there is no BS about the glassing company falling behind on the jobs. He also does epoxy boards. Tim is a great guy, I have him glass the boards I shape and he takes the time to look them over and give me some advice (showed me how to see twists that I was overlooking)

An interesting story I picked up my fish after he glassed it, bought a bag, leash and paid for a ding repair on another board; his wife (who helps run the shop) added it up and I wrote a check. About a week later, I got a letter from his wife, seems she added it up wrong and overcharged me so she sent me back the $ 40 overcharge. Integrity.

Scott Busbey makes really good boards also, a little cheaper than TN’s but the glassing isn’t quite as strong. His is a lower volume factory so he may be a little faster on the turn around. He is very popular with the Hatteras locals. My buddies and I are split, some ride TN shapes the rest ride Scott’s

Yeah- you might have to travel to pick up a board from either of these guys but you can try it out in the Outer Banks.

Good luck, hope you get a good stick WHOEVER you go to.


HerbB/Others - Thanks for the replies - I’ll await PB tel # from you. Thanks, John

Anybody here heard of Ted Kearns? I think he used to post here , and pretty sure he lives up in NJ… but what I DO know is that a friend brought along a board from NJ a few months back, a New Sun with Ted’s name on the bottom. Rode great in small punchy waves, but not so great in the weaker florida-type slosh waves…

There is a ‘teddy’ that’s posts here - He was set up at the LBI Surf Expo. that took place in Ship Bottom last weekend. Sounds like the same person. He’s in the directory here - give him a shout.



any contact info for tim nolte?

Paul ‘The Fly’ Baymore #609 602 0782, he can shape anything you might want (he had a really nice twinzer in the shop a few weeks back) and builds a strong board using RR epoxy.

Paul’s work was honored earlier this summer with a special function sponsered by Conde Nest and Grey Goose Vodka where they highlighted a trio of his most recent creations(and I showed my appreciation by downing a whole lot of free Vodka).

Ted Kearns boards are available thru Gale Force Glassing in N.C. (last time I checked)

Waahoo -