New Lighting "Loehr Inspired"

Greg, this was one of my all time favorite boards. A while back you were shaping boards for a few of us in Jacksonville (Chetri says hello by the way) and this was THE ONE! After a Buckle and repair it did it again so i figured it was time for a third life. I have kept this board for 4 years since it buckled and finally figured it was time. Behold, new office lighting. It will look good over my desk. I am going to hang it with four lengths of air craft cable.


I am going to hang it with four lengths of air craft cable.

its that heavy?


Well after more than four good years I guess put out to pasture (so to speak) is a just reward. Thanks. Say hey to Chet.

EPS or PU? In the first case, heat from the lamps might make it melt, in the second it might just burn (and produce cyanide gaz) unless you heavily isolated the lamps from the foam with glass fiber or something. I don’t want to sound too alarmist, but I would be concerned with the safety side of it…

One of my dealers took an old board and poured acetone inside until all the foam was gone. They then put Christmas lights inside and had it lit for Christmas.

The hole on the bottom of the board was drilled larger than the top so there is about 1" of clearance from the foam around the entire fixture and i made a plastic cover from a electrical work box to keep the heat off the foam. I am an electrician by trade and would guess it would be UL approved if i screwed a cover over my electrical joints.

It is kinda heavy! You know that EPS stuff!

No , i just meant some thin cable. Something that will look kinda industrial.

Out door lighting for a surf sacrifice event!

cyanide gas ? what kinda colored flame would that maKe?

You gotta love pyrotechnics!

big light behind translucent clear board as diffuser

would work swell no physical contact

of light and board…

and if’n there was a tsunami You could use the board for a

lifesaving tool.


hung by the neck until…