new longboard fin advice please

G’day guys, I am going to buy a new fin for my traditional longboard (see pic)

I am going with the fcs classic for that traditional feel but don’t know whether to get the 9 3/4 or the 10 1/2?

I am intermediate skill level, very much into old school style surfing, 80kgs (170lbs), mostly beach breaks, board is: 9’5", 18 1/2N, 23 1/2, 16T, 5 1/2 pod, low rocker, soft 50/50 rails,

is this 3/4" extra in a fin really that critical? would the bigger fin aid in nose riding more so than the smaller one?

also I can get a fcs 9" “soul arch” would this be good too? maybe I will just get one of each, my friend can get them cheap through work!

eagerly awaiting advice please!

thanking you in advance

I cannot get pics of the fin templates off the website but it is under fins- longboard- then classic and soul arch.

both fins would do fine but i’d go the 10". better still buy them all.

this isn’t what you want to hear,

but I would go for a modern fin with rake, even though your board is a traditional log. it will still make it much more versatile, reglardless of how you want to surf.

i find that with a 9 inch raked fin i can pivot turn when i feel the need (which is lots of the time), and i can draw out a nice clean cutback or topturn when the section is there and im going really fast on a head high plus wave.

so for me, a 9 inch true ames cali classic or the wingnut fin would be the best choice. best of both worlds, two birds with one stone, all that.


A great fin for you to try on the Stylie (& one that works) is the 10" lightweight (also known as the DP) from Southcoast. It has sufficient base to hold when noseriding, but flexes really well loosening up the board.

I know this for a fact as I had both the Dane Peterson model & a stylie. The stylie has an ultrawide tail that I found difficult to turn. I put the 10" lightweight onto it & it performed much better from a turning perspective, but not as good on the nose. I found the lightweight fin made the board better if using it in beachbreaks - the pivot fin it would of come with suited the waves it was made for - long point breaks - crescent, ti tree etc.

You might find the FCS fins a little stiff.


9 3/4 Classic should be fine for Robbo - 80kg.

I wouldnt recommend the Soul Arch 9.0 for that board in the long run, but maybe ok in the early (pre cross step) stages to help with turning. It wont help you any when it comes to your first noserides (low area in tip = less stability)