new name ?

So , for all the Americans , will Swaylocks now become …

Stypox Surfboard Design Forum ” ?


I hope we will still see some photos of interesting resin swirls , tints , and fins , and wood boards and surf mat , in amongst the millions of epoxy posts and new users asking how to make a board…

Stypox … sounds like a medical condition. Just think, Clark closes and forces the US industry to advance tech leaving the Aussies in the dust. More American world champs as Aus fights a loosing battle in the epoxy wars. Only Bert and Nev stand out as the Aussie industry lets down their most promising youth.

Just a scenario for you Chippy.

yes, just think … hehehehe

…meanwhile , surfers everywhere are still catching great waves in Australia and world wide , and loving life …


Or burford and the likes become cazillionairs


that’s even better !

Truer than most people would like to think. It’s sort of strange how one persons descision rattles and shakes the surfing industry worldwide so much. But I bet Mr Clark knew that would happen.

I was talking to a leading local (Aussi) shaper today. Orders are being filled as we speak by local (Aussi) foam blowers. Boom times ahead possibly. Hope it does not impact on the local supply.platty.

So only America can get Australian blanks and Aussies will be searching second hand racks for shortboards which will sell out and 90 % of Australians could be riding 60s,70s, 80s boards having the time of there lives relising how much fun those boards are and when competitions come around the aussies will be ripping into power surfing with a lot of style on there borrowed American boards and Al Merrick and Rusty will be making there asian munky shapers complete orders with the australian blanks while they hang out in there retiery surfing village in Costa Rica while Platty is filled with orders to restore old boards that are falling apart due to lack of new shapers and the rest of the surfing world will be making spoons because you don’t need much foam whilst Roy Stuart and Tom Wegener make wood boards everyone is still too sceptic about and chipfish keeps masicuring old boards to make new prawns while Hicksy is making alluminuim surfboards from the old kombi cause chipper called it ‘gay’.

this or we could all just go surfing = )

come on, lets have fun!

that was a serious post young sir Josh …

…and then I read the punchline !

good on ya mate !


‘butchering’ , ‘massacreing’, ‘emasculating’ boards …yep…I’ve done all of that and more !!

as with the eternal cockroach

adapt and survive.

lemonade coms from lemons

revolution comes from displacements in accepted structures.

the epicenter of this disturbance has been a two week shut down?

how fragile our world view is.

if this were an earlier time

it would be a month

before the world would know somthing happened.

what ?

a glorious woilt we’s livvin in.

when panic can be so spontaneous.

thank god the grog shop aint open

or all the drunks would have licence to get potted

maybe its time to make a heat sealer…

Down with foam

Up with live breath.

the dimise of the plastic age is at hand

the rise of the new millinium is invisible

look out behind you

you are in for a shock you will never expect


the god Lono will arrive on a white bilowing cloud…?

I’ll bet he will be surfing

I can’t wait to see more “1st board stoke” threads and less what about epoxy/eps etc etc. Maybe we need a whole new Discussion just for those looking into it… As I recall something about “search the archives…” Not that I always do, so… do as I say, not as I…

Again - my heart goes out to all you who feel the carpet has been pulled out of your proffesion, seriously… I had friends in So.Cal. and I wonder what they’ll do.

Anyway, as some have pointed out as of late - So thankful for the Sways. Taylor


while Hicksy is making alluminuim surfboards from the old kombi cause chipper called it ‘gay’.

HAHAHAHAHA! To funny!!

Hicksy, paint it black and call it the night rider…for bens sake!!