New "No Surf" Toy

We just bought two of these for the shop last week and boy are they a blast. Definately great on those flat days! They turn just like a carve board but a lot easier with the motor. Works your leg muscles and definately helps with backside turns.

Yup…I woke up on December 26th last year and it sounded like a a million giant bumble bees were invading the neighborhood…I swear every kid within two miles of my house got one of those for Christmas. I have to say though, they do look like alot of fun.

Damnit, TS… Why’d you have to go and post that up here, now I’m going to have to go buy one of those…

It’ll be hard to paddle out with a cast on after I fall and bust my ass, but it’ll be worth it to ride my childhood dream vehicle.

yup, that’s a “no surf” toy all right, just like my friend T on his carve board: he go fast, he bust ass, he break wrist, he “no surf” for two months, hee hee. And yes, the motor would make that easier too.

looks pretty fun, though…hmmmmm…

I took up mountain boarding about 2 years ago when there was no surf. It was great fun until I started getting adventurous - going for bigger/ more radical jumps - eventually landing on my shoulder totally buggering my a/c joint. Result - out of surf for 7 months, a year later - still not too godd - don’t think it will ever heal properly.

Anyone wanna buy one?

I don’t know…looks like a jetski for land…

what the hell are they called and where do I get one. My neighbors will love me for sure now

Now if we can just get the public schools to agree to cancelling PE class, we can be sure that our children aren’t getting any exercise.

That thing looks like road rash ready to happen. Bet they’re a blast!

I used to work next to an ‘inventor’ that was working on a project that looked just like that thing. He fell once while ‘testing’ it in the lot outside our office. If I remember correctly he broke his hip bone and was incapacitated for months. Poor bugger surfed too and was land locked for ages.

Anyways, I’d be interested if anyones bought one of these - ? They sellem by my house and I’ve almost gone for it…

They look like they’d be ‘carvey’ on grassy hills, lots of golf courses and hills in SD.

Now that looks fun… how much they sellin’ them for?

On sale for $399 @ A new board or a new board that is the question.

looks like a great new way to damage myself… just seperated my left shoulder and broke my hand on too tight a turn on a homemade longskate… can’t push up, but if that one armed shark attack girl can, i’ll get there too… that thing might be fun if it had some sort of brakes… i’ll have to try building one now. i have a weedeater motor somewhere…

Pep Boys on sale for $199

Hospital bill $40,000

No Wave Thrill $Priceless