New Nose Design

Blanks are so cool now that they transform into their own form?

The long lost Velzy Half Banjo Nose! (kidding) Who is the Mfgr?


The long lost Velzy Half Banjo Nose! (kidding) Who is the Mfgr?

I think the Mfg was Kraft Foods. The new foam is the same formula as a Jet Puff. Put a gramcracker and a block of chocolate and you got the SMORES Model.

ooohhh nnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

…looks like MDI foam

Is that the elusive Safari from South Africa? I heard if you turn yer back,

they disappear. Friend tol’ me bout it, sweardagosh, seen it happen.

       "Thats weird, I thought it was when you turned yer back!?" 

“no really, I sawl it disappear!”


Put it in yer pocket when yer done!!!

I may have to trace that tEmpLaTE…

Ok. Done now.

That was from a the first batch of foam that arrive from South Africa after the Clark Shut down December 5, 2005.

The blank was fine after it was cut. It sat in the rack for at least two years. After a recent heat spell here in Southern Cal I took it out of the rack to process it only to find that it had srunk. Glad it was never glassed! In all fairness this company in South Africa can now make decent foam. However during their learning curve a lot of people had this same experience. I had many boards srink when they took plane rides. Made a lot of people mad. Now I put all blanks under a light and look for pour lines and soft areas before processing regardless of which company produced it. I have had this same incredible shrinking foam experience with other blank companies as well. Just never with Clark.