New Product for Female Surfers

I know this is about design, but hey, this is something that I felt the female population could be interested in, and I would like to see more of these in the water too. Hey, I do what I can to beautify the scene. Anyhow, one of the founders is an aquaintance of mine so I support it (and can’t you just imaging how nice it would be to see these?). Anyway, pardon the interruption, please return to your shaping and designing ; women, check out this site or the link below :

Awesome. I don’t know who couldn’t enjoy that… Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d post a link to another site. It’s a female surf clothing line run by a friend, but I love the shirt slogans. Definitely flushes the MTV “Surf Girls” mentality down the drain.

Anton , thanks for the site just picked up one of the tee’s for the womans birthday. Stay Soul, Rick