New project.....

Anyone care to guess what this is going to be?


It will be a ‘wall hanger’.


Coat rack.

You want to hang a wall to this thing? It won’t work, IMHO.

part of a warm weather igloo?


flat screen tv???


A FISH. Not the kind you ride.

Are you going to route out “Malwitz Surfboards” in it and use it as a sign?

is it a pool table?

ironing board?

goat boat?

ping pong table?

dart board?


thats it!!

its a board with a clock in it!

homer would be proud…

A portrait of James Fennemore Cooper’s hero

Natty Bumpo.

how could it be more obvious.

I could tell by the wood shavings

in the bag in the background.

and My psychic hotline friend told me,I just phoned em up,

that it will be a very lifelike rendering

and it will not look like Spencer Tracy,

Sterling Holloway, or Sterling Hayden

but mosty a likeness to a young Bruce Dern.

I would like to set the upset price at $8,000

You deserve it considering all the work you will put in.

now that I think about it

maybe all four visages

will appear as do the

presedential faces

at mount rushmore.


these psychic powers are a gift

and yet a curse at the same time

No way… Shifty mate, spewing. Thats one of your designs isn’t it. Bastard ripped you off!


Pretty funny everyone…

So a local artist/surfer asked for a surfboard canvas. And this is what we came up with.

It still needs to be glassed then it’s ready for him to paint and hang up.


No way.. Shifty mate, spewing. Thats one of your designs isn't it. Bastard ripped you off!

thats way too good for one of mine yorky!

im not that talented…