Alright guys heres some new ones i just got mailed to me tell me what you think. I have The M logo’s Numbered 1-4. And the new script design ( will be for the deck side) and the new text design for the bottom. Let me know whats up. Stay with the old or go more towards the future, thanks again for all the support and help- josh

1 OLD MILLER LOGO M, With Old Miller Script

2 Old Miller Logo m, With New script

3 New Logo M, New Script

Those are super-rad, esp the new cursive

IMO, Definitely between 2&3. The balance tips to #2 for me more because the new script includes the new style ‘M’.

Really good stuff.


All very cool. I like the new script better than the old.

Can you show us the signature one without the fisheye effect

but I do like that one best so far

i like this one:

Use the cursive ones for your retros/longboards/etc. and the New M logo 4 for your hi performance stuff tater chip stuff.


i like the new script design. especially the way “surfboards” is bordered by the swoosh. something very “surfboard outline” looking about it. the only beef i have is the way the two “L’s” look like rabbit ears. and the dot on the “I” is it’s little fluffy tail.

Is it just me?!?


The new cursive looks amazing! Use it for everything along with the new M logo.