New River Board

Thought I’d just give a heads up on this and see people reactions - always interested to know what my peers think of ideas.


Cool hoop fins. Teflon??

Looks really nice…

Must be a fun hobby in which ding repair skills are mucho essential.

where there’s waves theres a will…

I still think it would blow to get a graphite splinter in the foot!

Would kite straps be worth while… padding under foot, loose straps…?

'pears to be a very well constructed board, interesting construction from materials surfers aren’t much using.

I wasn’t impressed with the action on the kneeboarding link, but my knee experience was Point Panic, Makapuu, Sandy Beach, V-land, Rocky Rights, Gas Chamber, Pipe in that general order, back in the day. Spongers have largely taken over the reduced medium action in most of those spots, and bodysurfers are a rare occurrence, sad to say. Are spongers common on rivers too?

Spongers? Boogie boarders? Sometimes they can be, yeah. In Europe especially.

This summer I’ll get some decent footage of this thing in action.


Hey corran -

Nice looking river craft - just one thing - is it anoptical illusion or is the toe in v severe on the rhs (as we’re lloking at the pic)? If so - why — + if you’re thinking bout the wave loch thing…why fins at all?

River waves have a lot of power - some of them anyway, and so without fins its like the ocean without fins. The toe in is about 2" to the side of the centre tip of the tail on those bow fins.