New Shaping Shack

Long story short, I was engaged for two years and it didn’t work out. Got the ring back and sold it. Then, skipped my classes for a week and ended up with this along with 17 EPS blanks in my buddies detached garage…

…more detailed pics tomorrow.

better do something about the uneven floor but have fun

one door close’s and another door opens

Good for you… Freedom!!!

there’s an Samurai proverb that says, “from every tragedy comes an opportunity”

seize it!

who says it is a tragedy? dpumbehauer2. you got the money back and that much money sounds worth it to me.

being alive=surfing=dog>family>friends>money>job=woman

i knew i could count on some good positivity around here. definitely good came from the bad and it is freedom.

anyway, here’s the rest of my pics:

the floor does suck but i leveled the stands with some shingles. should to the trick.

17 EPS blanks.

with the door open.

this is what used to fill the space. gotta get it it outta there.

and finally my biggest fan. at least someone thinks i’m the best surfer/shaper on the planet.

im pretty pumped and i’ll be sure to post the boards that come out of here.