new to shaping... newer to longboards

hows it goin im fairly new to shaping and im a absolute newb to longboards though im interested in shaping one for the summer. now i ride a 6’4" hatteras glass. i weigh 155 and im about 5’7". ill most likley be ordering the blank from clark foam so if ne1 can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.

Where are you located in VA?

im in the great bridge area of chesapeake.

WRV in Virginia Beach usually has a bunch of blanks around. If not they can get it for you. Sav you a bunch on shipping.

Depending on what type of longboard you want, you should read through the Calrk catalog and pay close attention to each blank description as there are blanks that are better suited to the diferent types of longboarrds…noserider, perormance, et al.


I would recomend going down to the WRV In Nags Head (just north of Nags Head) Actually it is called U.S fiberglass or something check the rescources on this site and call them up Its a bit of a drive but they always have blanks and all kinds The one in VB is shady with helping anybody out, their mostly just guys that talk more than they know about boards and the crowd in NC is way cooler you might even ask to trace a template so your that much farther down the road toward the finished project!! If you cant drive down there than try “seasoned surfboards” on “Jenson” in VB