Newbie Blank Question

I recently got interested in shaping surfboards greatly because of this site. I want to pick up a few blanks from clark foam. But my question is, can the blanks sit around a couple of months before I get around to shaping them. I know about bugs, so I would seal them up in garbage bags or something to prevent bugs from getting in. Are there any other problems with blanks just lying around? Also, basically the same question, after I shape a blank is it ok if it sits around for a couple of months before I get around to glassing it? Again I would seal it up in some plastic or something. I really appreciate your help on such a newbie question.


The blanks can sit around quite a while. Don’t place them in hot direct sunlight for long periods or put them where they may get wet. After shaping, the foam is very vulnerable to damage because the foam is so soft. If you found a very safe place it would probably be fine. I glass mine as soon as possible because of dust, dirt, wind, etc. The slightest bump becomes a ding. Even my fingernails and wedding ring have scored a shaped blank. Mike

thanks rooster. this site is great

rooster covered most of it…just remember that blanks come with a hard shell around them, meaning that they can be stored pretty easily without fear of damage. Just take care of them and make sure they dont get wet - and you should be fine.



Do you guys think I could shape and glass my first board in a total of 4 days? Or is that really rushing it? Reason being, I’m gonna be heading back to school soon, and my first real chance to start on this board wouldn’t be til Thanksgiving when I’ll be home for a few days.

you can shape and glass a blank in one day if you had nothing else to do and all the supplies set up and ready. I’m sure alot of people on this board, myself included, have done it. Just do your research, get ready, and have a good time at it. Your first board is time consuming. So be prepared



Unmentioned, and I cannot beleive why,

You really shouldnt leave shaped blanks laying around, they tend to warp. If so store it standing up on the nose.

I shaped my blank 9’6" in an afternoon mostly with sandpaper as I wasn’t too comfortable with my plainer yet. Glassing if you do epoxy is just a waiting game. Lam…wait 6 hours, scrub the laps down Lam…wait 6 hours. Hot coat…wait 6 hours. Sand again…gloss coat wait 6 hours. Polish and your done. The things that will take the longest is shaping your rails and putting fin boxes and leash plugs in unless you have a router and jig. I don’t have either…figures sent my router to my step dad to use never figured I’d need it soon.

Good point F1 -

I guess that slipped by me because when I stored my blanks back home, I had a rack for them. But yeah - if you are gonna have it sit for a couple weeks, you dont have that worry so much either




You could do it in a day with uv resin,but I wouldn’t do it. Shape it in one day. Take your time. Glass it the next day and begin the sanding. Four days should be no problem. I have heard of blanks warping from being in the sun or too hot, hence the advice not to leave it in the sun. I treat shaped blanks as snow balls. Glass em before they melt. Mike