Nicaragua - SEPT 10-18

I just had at least one (maybe two) spots open up for a surf trip to Nicaragua. We leave the U.S. on Sept. 10 and return on Sept. 18. There will be a total of 4 people going on the trip, with 2 (including me) already committed and possibly one more committed (but maybe not, so if 2 people are interested speak up).

This will be my 3rd trip so we have the place fairly wired. The last time we were there we scored everyday with nobody out except the guys on our trip (there are a few other surfers already there and a surf camp run by a guy from Florida, but it is easy to find a spot with nobody out). Last year the surf never dropped below head high and it was up to DOH+ on the good days.

We have a hookup on a styling house right on the break in a gated development, so you get the best of both worlds - off the beaten path yet you don’t have to go ferral to score uncrowded waves.

Total all-in cost will be just over $1000 (this is an estimate - no guarantees - but the past 2 trips have costed me just about $1000 each). This includes air fare, house, 4X4 rental, food, beer.

The vibe will be mellow and I hope that the waves will be good.

Email for more details if you are interested.