There is now available at BIRD’S SURF SHED, an 8’ 10’’ x 23’’  chambered stringer board, that IMO is a worthy, collectable surfboard.    It is my last personal board, and was voted ‘‘Most High Tech’’   2005, at Cerritos College show/seminar.     It is the prototype design for the OBQ (one board quiver) model/design.     It’s worth taking a look.    As a bonus, you get to see everything else in Bird’s collection, which is awesome by any measure!


Sadly, that’s not something I’m able to do.     Bird said he was going to put it on his website, so interested parties can check there.     If it’s not there yet, ask him about it, and I’m sure he’ll post some photo’s.

Additionally included in the purchase is the deluxe padded travel board bag.  (FCS)    Board also has a beautiful pair  of ‘‘Root Beer’’ fins, to match the 3 redwood stringers.